My Priorities

This is a critical time for our community and our country. The past seven years of FG/FF Governments have left families and households across Ireland struggling to achieve a basic standard of living. Now more than ever, we need the values of social democracy and progressive politics. 

With a chronic housing shortage and an ongoing cost-of-living crisis, we are reminded of the extent of inequality in Ireland.

At the same time, we can see the opportunity for a better Ireland – a country that is equal and progressive, where no one gets left behind.

As a long-time activist, I have campaigned over many years on feminist and human rights issues, and for the cause of socialism/social democracy.

I believe in the core Labour values of equality, solidarity and fairness.

Now, as TD for Dublin Bay South and Leader of the Labour Party, I’m fighting for an Ireland that works – for all.

Go raibh maith agat,


Secure and Affordable Homes

Every person has the right to safe, secure, and affordable housing.

We believe that a social housing model is the best way to secure housing into the future. We would increase the supply of housing by delivering one million homes in 10 years – 50,000 new builds and 50,000 retrofits a year.

People who rent deserve the same security as homeowners. I have campaigned for the protection of renters, security of tenure and higher standards for rental accommodation.

Land is a finite resource and should be used to benefit the whole community. Property should not be left vacant or speculated on for profit at the expense of public need.

Among other issues, I’m calling for a ‘use it or lose it’ rule for outstanding planning permissions and vacant property.

For more on my housing policy, and how we can – and must – deliver one million homes in ten years, click here [Link to the Sunday Independent article]

Lifelong Care

For many families in Dublin Bay South and beyond, childcare places are not available or not affordable. I have led a campaign for the introduction of a universal public childcare system, providing high-quality affordable childcare options for all parents and children.

I am also working with parents’ groups across the constituency to ensure that more funded places are available in local schools for autistic children and children with special or additional needs.

Adult care and support policies must also change. For too long, the state has undervalued the role of carers in society.

Families should be supported in their decision to care for relatives and there must be better provision of at-home support services. We need a ‘New Fair Deal’ to support the provision of care at home – not just in nursing homes.

Our nurses, doctors, hospital staff and all those who work in healthcare deserve pay and conditions which reflect their vital role in our community.

Climate Action

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge for our society. I have a long track record on environmental issues and campaigns and was a founding member of Friends of the Earth Ireland.

In 2007, as a newly elected senator, I introduced the first Climate Protection Bill seeking to set emissions targets for Ireland.

I believe that we need cities built around people, not around cars. As a committed cyclist, I have worked for years to provide for improved cycling infrastructure.

Among other Labour climate initiatives, we would introduce a €9 monthly climate ticket, to provide unlimited public transport journeys – in order to tackle our over-reliance on private cars and bring down transport costs for households.

Alongside our climate measures, we must take urgent action to strengthen our biodiversity. We need to protect our natural habitats and support wildlife in our cities.

As a keen sea swimmer, I am also working to improve the quality of Dublin Bay for both water users and marine life. I have introduced a ‘Dublin Bay Bill’ to provide for a clear statutory framework for the protection and enhancement of our great local amenity, the Bay area.

I will continue to advocate for urgent climate action; the ending of reliance on fossil fuels; and the creation of a fairer, greener society.

Fair Work, Fair Pay

I am proud to be a lifelong trade unionist and my ambition is to chart the next phase of workers’ rights in Ireland. Labour has led on so many workers’ rights campaigns, like the campaign for the right to sick leave and to flexible work, equal pay for apprentices and young people and the right to reproductive health leave for women enduring early miscarriage.

I believe that the best way to improve pay and conditions is through union representation. I have consistently campaigned for the right to collective bargaining and for trade unions’ and workers’ rights to organise.

In this cost-of-living crisis, we know that Ireland needs a pay rise. Along with my Labour colleagues, I have called for the introduction of a living wage and an increase in social welfare payments to ensure an end to poverty in this country, so that no person has to go without heat, food, or other basic services.

Sustainable Communities

Finally, through our Labour policies on Housing, Care, Climate and Work, we aim to build sustainable communities around Ireland. We are fighting for the preservation and retention of face-to-face support services like citizens’ information centres, and for the investment of significant state resources into strengthening our public amenities and community centres.

Join us –