About Ivana

In the forthcoming bye-election you will be asked to choose a new TD to represent the people of Dublin Bay South. This is a critical time for our community, and the country as a whole. 

During the pandemic many of us reflected on what is important, what we really care about, and how we want to shape the future.

Now is the time to put those ideas into action.

As we cautiously emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic we have an opportunity to hope for change. Politics as usual isn’t good enough. You and your family deserve better.

I am an experienced legislator and a passionate campaigner. All my life I have been an advocate for equality and fairness.

It would be an honour to put my values, experience and commitment to work to represent all the people of Dublin Bay South.

About Ivana

  • Ivana grew up in Rathgar/Terenure and lives in Portobello with her young family.
  • Ivana is a lawyer and has taught law over many years in Trinity College Dublin. 
  • As a student activist Ivana was taken to court and threatened with prison for providing information on abortion - in a case that paved the way for repeal of the Eighth Amendment and legalisation of abortion in Ireland.
  • She was first elected to serve in Seanad Éireann in 2007.
  • An experienced legislator, Ivana has seen more of her opposition bills become law than any other senator.
  • Ivana’s reforming legislation has tackled issues such as working conditions for freelancers, secular marriage, women’s health rights and LGBT equality.
  • A long-term campaigner for constitutional change, Ivana was a leading national and local voice in the Marriage Equality and Repeal the 8th campaigns.
  • Ivana was a founder of the Portobello Educate Together multi-denominational school start-up group and is on the Board of Canal Way ETNS, Dublin 8.
  • She is currently working with families across Dublin Bay South to ensure increased provision for children with autism in local schools.
  • Ivana is a keen cyclist, swimmer and climate campaigner.
  • She is working closely with Labour councillors in Dublin Bay South to improve cycling infrastructure, increase green spaces for communities and enhance the water quality and recreational value of Dublin Bay.
  • Ivana’s surname is Czech. Her paternal grandfather was imprisoned by the Nazis. After WWII, he moved to Ireland with his young family, where they settled in Waterford. Her mother’s side of the family are very proud Murphys from Co. Clare.