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Summer 2007 Newsletter

12 June 2007

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I will be contesting the 2007 Seanad election as an independent candidate.

I graduated with an LL.B. from Trinity in 1989 and was President of the Students' Union from 1989-90. I am now lecturing in the Law School and practising as a barrister.

I was the Honorary Secretary of the Law Alumni Association for several years (1996-2003). During that time, colleagues and I pioneered the Law School Scholarships Scheme, a groundbreaking scheme providing funded places for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to study Law.

I have been a College Tutor for several years and was elected a Fellow of the College in 2005. ln 2006 I was presented with a Provost's Teaching Award. I am also Registrar of the Law School. Apart from my work in Trinity, I have a long track record of campaigning on human rights and on civil liberties, for social justice and equality for women; for gay rights, for people with disabilities, for the environment ; against the war in Iraq; and for social justice. I have published widely on human rights law, criminal law and criminology, and equality

Recently, I wrote Kicking and Screaming: Dragging Ireland into the Twenty-First Century (O'Brien Press, 2004), in which I set forward an agenda for progressive change in Ireland. I believe that the Seanad provides a vital platform for making
that change.

You will see further details about my work to date, and my election campaign, at

I would really welcome any views or comments you have in the lead into
the election. Please contact me by phone or email.