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02 May 2024

Labour Leader Ivana Bacik TD, today on May Day, raised Labour’s Reproductive Leave Bill in the Dáil today, highlighting the ongoing struggle for workers' rights and the urgent need for compassionate policies regarding reproductive health.

Deputy Bacik said

"Today, on May Day, we honour the progress made in securing workers' rights, but we also recognise the battles that still lie ahead. 

“Labour’s Reproductive Leave Bill proposes 20 days’ leave for women experiencing early miscarriage, with an additional 10 days’ paid time off for workers accessing reproductive health treatments such as IVF. Currently, individuals and their partners must use sick leave or take unpaid leave, placing an undue burden on them during already challenging times.

"The Government's decision last February to delay our bill for 12 months is deeply disappointing. It's a stark reminder of the uphill battle we face in advocating for compassionate workplace policies. But we will not relent. Workers experiencing early miscarriage or undergoing reproductive health treatments deserve support.

"Workers do not clock out of their grief when they enter the workplace. Reproductive health issues are not isolated to personal time. They permeate every aspect of life, including work. It is imperative that we recognise this reality and provide the necessary support and understanding.

“This is a workplace issue, and our legislation is about affording empathy and dignity to those going through this experience and ensuring accommodation is made for workers when they need it most. We in Labour call on the Government to prioritise the Reproductive Leave Bill.”