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Labour welcomes TCD moves towards divestment

09 May 2024

Labour leader Ivana Bacik TD was speaking following news that Trinity College Dublin has agreed to work towards total divestment from the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Deputy Bacik said:

"Along with Labour’s Further and Higher Education Spokesperson Senator Annie Hoey and my Labour colleagues, I welcome today’s reports that the College has agreed to work towards total divestment from the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and that the Trinity encampment protestors have unanimously agreed to accept College’s terms on cutting ties with Israel.

"The ongoing crisis in Gaza demands urgent action, and as we in Labour have said, Trinity students have been leading the charge for accountability and justice. Today’s announcement represents a significant step forward, in keeping with the growing recognition that institutions must reassess their roles in perpetuating injustices and human rights violations.

"By raising their voices and demanding accountability, Trinity students have joined others internationally in compelling institutions to confront their complicity in the ongoing atrocities in Gaza. Their activism serves as a powerful reminder that universities have an ethical obligation to divest from systems of oppression and to stand on the right side of history.

“It is clear that the protests led by Trinity College Dublin students have made a difference. Their dedication and perseverance should be commended, and their demands for divestment and accountability must be heeded.

“As we witness the tragic events unfolding in Gaza, it is imperative that we take concrete actions to hold accountable those who are complicit in human rights abuses. Trinity College Dublin’s decision today represents a very positive step. It must be followed by meaningful divestment and a commitment to justice. In line with the call already made by staff unions like IFUT, we are also now calling on the College to rescind the fine previously imposed on the Students’ Union.”