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Labour unveils ambitious Transport Plan for Cork

28 May 2024

  • Labour candidates have a plan to get Cork moving

Labour Leader Ivana Bacik TD today announced the launch of Labour’s Transport for Cork policy, aimed at transforming Cork City’s transport network and getting the city moving. The policy was unveiled on Monday, 27th May, with a clear commitment to building an accessible, environmentally sustainable and integrated transport strategy over the next five years.

Deputy Bacik said, 

"Cork's transport system is at a crossroads, and Labour has a clear plan to ensure the city moves forward. Labour candidates will be advocates in City Hall for public transport that works. Our comprehensive policy plan addresses the urgent need for a more efficient, sustainable, and integrated transport network. By focusing on active transport, expanding public bike schemes, and opening up the plans for a Luas-style light rail, we are committed to making Cork a model for modern urban transport.

“We need to tackle congestion in Cork. A real investment and the creation of real momentum towards sustainable transport options will result in less congestion and less costs for commuters of all ages. 

The Labour Party’s plan includes:

  1. Full Rollout of the Cork Cycling Network Plan: Labour commits to completing the Cork Cycling Network Plan, creating safe and, where possible, segregated cycle routes across the Cork Metropolitan Area. These routes will connect major employment areas, third-level institutions, and schools.
  2. Extend the Public Bike Scheme: Building on Labour’s introduction of the City Bike scheme in Cork, we will extend the scheme to encompass more suburbs, including Blackrock to the east, Douglas to the south, and Mayfield and Blackpool on the northside.
  3. Get Moving on Cork Luas: Labour will initiate public consultations for a Luas-style light rail system, stretching from eastern to western suburbs. This system will cover key locations such as Kent Station, UCC, CUH, and CIT, with additional spurs for Carrigaline and Cork International Airport. We will also advocate for a rapid bus transit model as an interim solution during construction.

Deputy Bacik emphasised, 

"The next five years are crucial for Cork. We need to deliver a transport network that not only meets the current needs of communities across Cork, but that is also future-proofed for economic growth and environmental sustainability. Labour’s plan is ambitious but necessary. It is about making Cork a leader in urban transport, ensuring we decarbonise and are ready for future economic development.

"We are calling on the people of Cork to support this vision by voting number 1 for Labour candidates who are committed to this transformative agenda. With Labour’s plan, Cork can look forward to a modern, efficient, and green transport network that supports its residents and paves the way for a prosperous future."

The Labour Party urges voters to cast their number 1 votes for:

  • Cork City North West: James Joy
  • Cork City North East: John Maher
  • Cork City South West: Laura Harmon
  • Cork City South Central: Dr. Lekha Menon Margassery
  • Cork City South East: Peter Horgan