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Labour and SDLP discuss New Ireland Commission and mark the anniversary of the Democratic Programme

29 February 2024

Labour and SDLP have today met to discuss the New Ireland Commission and mark anniversary of the Democratic Programme.

Labour Party leader Ivana Bacik TD said:

“For those of us on the left, the Democratic Programme remains a source of inspiration, even if the vision it offers has been far from fully achieved. The Programme outlines a socialist and social democratic policy framework which prioritises the common good and seeks to ensure adequate provision for all. Now, even 105 years on, the Programme upholds and promotes timeless values of equality, solidarity and fairness."

“Even after it was diluted by other parties 105 years ago, Johnson’s Democratic Programme was clear in its vision for an economy that uses its wealth to serve all the people. In the Ireland of 2024 – a country with high GDP, full employment, and record tax takings – the capacity for the economy to lift all boats is greater than could ever have been imagined by Johnson or his contemporaries. Yet, free market policies continue to prioritise the commodification of basic rights, such as housing and healthcare."


Claire Hanna MP from the SDLP said:

“We were really pleased to brief Labour on the restored NI Executive , including SDLP's new role as the Official Opposition, and to discuss the work of the New Ireland Commission. Our two parties share a deep commitment to the social and economic wellbeing of all our citizens, North and South, and to ensuring that the evolving constitutional conversation focuses on how living standards can be improved across the island."