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ICOS report shows renting in disarray under Fianna Fáil

15 November 2023

  • Private rental inspections must be increased

Labour leader and housing spokesperson Ivana Bacik has called for increased levels of inspections of private rental homes and renters’ rights, as many renters feel powerless and at the mercy of landlords given the dire shortage of homes available to rent.

Deputy Bacik said:

“The ICOS survey makes for absolutely shocking reading. It’s clear from this that there is insufficient enforcement of rental standards, and that renters’ rights are not being protected effectively across the country.

“Ireland’s rental legislation is far too skewed in favour of the landlord; renters bear far too much of the burden of ensuring that landlords act fairly and in accordance with the relevant laws.

“The chronic shortage of homes means that many renters are far too afraid to tackle their landlord when issues arise.

“Those who are not Irish citizens are particularly vulnerable, as the ICOS report highlights. Many may not be aware of the relevant laws or of the remit of the Residential Tenancies Board.

“We need to see greater emphasis on random inspections of rental accommodation, so that the State and State bodies can protect renters who feel too vulnerable or at risk of eviction.

“There’s a clear and obvious need to increase inspections of private rental properties.

“PQs presented to Seán Sherlock TD showed that of the 32,247 inspections carried out of private rental homes so far this year, 22,468 improvement letters were issued, and 994 improvement notices were served. There’s clearly an issue here.

“In a housing crisis, all the power lies with the landlord. There needs to be a radical reform of Ireland’s rental sector. Fianna Fáil cannot continue to ignore this. We need to give renters far greater rights and protections.”