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Gender Equality in the Home

27 September 2007

Senator Ivana Bacik: Will the Leader consider holding a debate on how legislation can best provide for greater gender equality in the home? I refer in particular to legislation providing for paid paternity leave. The urgency of this is highlighted in a comprehensive opinion poll published in The Irish Times today, which presents the views of a large number of women surveyed. Among the more alarming findings is that only 33% of respondents had partners who participated regularly in domestic activities in the home. Men obviously require some gentle encouragement to participate in domestic work.

Female Members in particular may like me to repeat what I said. Today's edition of The Irish Times contains a comprehensive opinion poll of women's attitudes to various issues, including work and life in the home. One of the more alarming findings is that of the women surveyed, only 33% reported that their male partners contributed regularly to housework. Men clearly need some gentle encouragement to contribute to work in the home.

I have made the case for many years that men require recognition as fathers in the workplace.