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Bacik urges Government to evacuate Irish citizens from Sudan without further delay

24 April 2023

Labour leader Ivana Bacik has urged the swift evacuation of Irish citizens from Sudan.

Deputy Bacik said:

“We are deeply concerned at the reports of the scale of violence and conflict in Sudan. It’s welcome that the Defence Forces will now be deployed to assist with getting Irish citizens out of Sudan, but there are questions as to why Government took so long to make this move.

“I’ve received reports from Irish in Sudan who have been told to make their way to the Irish embassy to be evacuated, only to arrive and be turned away. It is undoubtedly a desperate situation given the scale of the risk. Over 100 Irish citizens have registered with the nearest Irish embassy, their safe return must now be the absolute priority of Ireland’s diplomatic force.

“Government must also urge a ceasefire between the groups involved to ensure a safe evacuation of those fleeing the conflict. With over 400 people dead, countless injured, and the residence of the Irish diplomat and EU ambassador to Sudan, Aidan O’Hara, stormed with Mr O’Hara assaulted, it’s clear that time is of the essence to attempt to deescalate the feud.”