Bacik welcomes success of #TakeBackTrinity campaign

15 March 2018

Speaking today in the Front Square of Trinity College Dublin by invitation of the TCD Students’ Union at the conclusion of the students’ occupation of Trinity, Labour Senator for Dublin University Ivana Bacik welcomed the success of the campaign being organised by the students to oppose the proposed imposition of a new fee for supplemental examinations within the College.

Senator Bacik said:

“As a Senator for Dublin University, I welcome the students’ action in opposing this proposed new fee, which is also being opposed by academic and non-academic staff alike as well as students within Trinity.

"This new fee proposal may be seen as representing an ongoing process of commodification of education, a process which is of concern to many of us and which is being opposed under the inclusive slogan ‘#TakeBackTrinity’.

"It is good to see the students taking a stand on this, and I will continue to support them in calling on the Trinity College Board to reconsider their decision and withdraw this new fee.